US Accreditation Services Trusted Independent Accreditation Body
USAS is independent, impartial and a paradigm pioneer in the field of accreditation.
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Welcome to United States Accreditation Services

USAS is independent, impartial and a paradigm pioneer in the field of accreditation.
USAS is thought to be the largest independent accreditation body in the world. Established in 2012, the organization has been a persistent pioneer in the field of accreditation, well known and respected for its combination of innovative and user-friendly business acumen and its respect for the vigorous maintenance of integrity and impartiality that is the hallmark of the quality assurance profession.

USAS have no relationship with any certifying body listed in this web site. There are no common links via shareholding or directorships either personal or corporate. All accredited organizations are independent trading entity with no commercial ties with USAS other than the contractual obligation to maintain accredited status.

USAS have established novel approaches to accreditation that permit benchmarking via quantitative evaluation of conformity assessment body (CAB), performance.

We have gone a lot further than just \’yes\’/ \’No\’ in our accreditation process. Our objective accreditation reporting permits us to monitor the performance of CABs year on year and provides us the ability to determine, in detail, the manner in which CABs are attaining the levels of excellence we demand.

Accreditation by an independent authority means that when you choose a certification body to review your activities you are choosing someone who has been reviewed against defined standards. You will know that they have their own documented operating system and procedures for looking after your interests. You know that accreditation by USAS has provided a level of assurance and recourse that is not normally available to business.